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function backup_migrate_get_profiles in Backup and Migrate 8.3

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8.2 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_profiles()
  2. 5.2 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_profiles()
  3. 6.3 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_profiles()
  4. 6.2 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_profiles()
  5. 7.3 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_profiles()
  6. 7.2 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_profiles()

Get all the available backup profiles.

3 calls to backup_migrate_get_profiles()
backup_migrate_drush_profiles in includes/
Get a list of available profiles.
backup_migrate_get_profile in includes/
Get the profile info for the profile with the given ID, or NULL if none exists.
_backup_migrate_get_profile_form_item_options in includes/
Get the available profiles as an options array for a form item.


includes/, line 33


function backup_migrate_get_profiles() {
  static $profiles = NULL;

  // Get the list of profiles and cache them locally.
  if ($profiles === NULL) {
    $profiles = backup_migrate_crud_get_items('profile');
  return $profiles;