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function backup_migrate_get_destinations in Backup and Migrate 7.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8.2 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_destinations()
  2. 8.3 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_destinations()
  3. 5.2 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_destinations()
  4. 6.3 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_destinations()
  5. 6.2 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_destinations()
  6. 7.3 includes/ \backup_migrate_get_destinations()

Get all the available backup destination.


$op: The operation which will be performed on the destination. Hooks can use this to return only those destinations appropriate for the given op. Options include: 'manual backup' - destinations available for manual backup 'scheduled backup' - destinations available for schedules backup 'list files' - destinations whose backup files can be listed 'restore' - destinations whose files can be restored from 'all' - all available destinations should be returned

5 calls to backup_migrate_get_destinations()
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includes/, line 183


function backup_migrate_get_destinations($op = 'all') {
  static $destinations = NULL;

  // Get the list of destinations and cache them locally.
  if ($destinations === NULL) {
    $destinations = backup_migrate_crud_get_items('destination');

  // Return all if that's what was asked for.
  if ($op == 'all') {
    return $destinations;

  // Return only those destinations which support the given op.
  $out = array();
  foreach ($destinations as $key => $destination) {
    if ($destination
      ->op($op)) {
      $out[$key] = $destination;
  return $out;