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function error in Acquia Cloud Site Factory Connector 8.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8 acsf_init/lib/cloud_hooks/acquia/db_connect.php \error()

Exit on error.


string $message: A message to write to sdderr.

3 calls to error()
000-acquia_required_scrub.php in acsf_init/lib/cloud_hooks/common/post-db-copy/000-acquia_required_scrub.php
Scrubs a site after its database has been copied.
get_db in acsf_init/lib/cloud_hooks/acquia/db_connect.php
Initiates a connection to a specified database.
uri.php in acsf_init/lib/cloud_hooks/acquia/uri.php


acsf_init/lib/cloud_hooks/acquia/db_connect.php, line 14
This file provides helper functions for running Acquia Cloud hooks.


function error($message) {
  fwrite(STDERR, $message);