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7 calls to xmlsitemap_link_bundle_load() in XML sitemap 2.x

XmlSitemapLinkStorage::create in src/XmlSitemapLinkStorage.php
Create a sitemap link from an entity.
xmlsitemap_add_form_link_options in ./xmlsitemap.module
Add a link's XML sitemap options to the link's form.
xmlsitemap_add_link_bundle_settings in ./xmlsitemap.module
Add the link type XML sitemap options to the link type's form.
xmlsitemap_get_link_info in ./xmlsitemap.module
Returns information about supported sitemap link types.
xmlsitemap_get_link_type_enabled_bundles in ./xmlsitemap.module
Returns enabled bundles of an entity type.
xmlsitemap_link_bundle_rename in ./xmlsitemap.module
Renames a bundle.
xmlsitemap_link_bundle_settings_save in ./xmlsitemap.module
Saves xmlsitemap settings for a specific bundle.