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17 calls to vpr() in Views (for Drupal 7) 6.3

view::execute in includes/
Execute the view's query.
view::execute_display in includes/
Execute the given display, with the given arguments. To be called externally by whatever mechanism invokes the view, such as a page callback, hook_block, etc.
view::preview in includes/
Preview the given display, with the given arguments.
view::render in includes/
Render this view for a certain display.
view::set_display in includes/
Set the display as current.
views_fetch_handler_data in includes/
Fetch the handler data from cache.
views_get_handler in ./views.module
Fetch a handler from the data cache.
views_get_table_join in includes/
Fetch a handler to join one table to a primary table from the data cache
views_handler::ensure_my_table in includes/
Ensure the main table for this handler is in the query. This is used a lot.
views_handler_field::add_additional_fields in handlers/
Add 'additional' fields to the query.
views_include_handler in includes/
Attempt to find the include file for a given handler from its definition.
views_join::join in includes/
Build the SQL for the join this object represents.
views_plugin_query_default::execute in plugins/
Executes the query and fills the associated view object with according values.
views_plugin_style::render in plugins/
Render the display in this style.
views_plugin_style_rss::render in plugins/
Render the display in this style.
_views_fetch_data in includes/
Fetch Views' data from the cache
_views_fetch_plugin_data in includes/
Fetch the plugin data from cache.