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function view::init_pager in Views (for Drupal 7) 6.3

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7.3 includes/ \view::init_pager()

Initialize the pager

Like style initialization, pager initialization is held until late to allow for overrides.


includes/, line 529 Provides the view object type and associated methods.


An object to contain all of the data to generate a view, plus the member functions to build the view query, execute the query and render the output.


function init_pager() {
  if (empty($this->query->pager)) {
    $this->query->pager = $this->display_handler
    if ($this->query->pager
      ->use_pager()) {

    // These overrides may have been set earlier via $view->set_*
    // functions.
    if (isset($this->items_per_page)) {
    if (isset($this->offset)) {