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public function PHPVideoToolkit::unique in Video 7.2

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  1. 7 libraries/phpvideotoolkit/phpvideotoolkit.php5.php \PHPVideoToolkit::unique()

Generates a unique id. Primarily used in jpeg to movie production

@access public


string $prefix:

Return value


3 calls to PHPVideoToolkit::unique()
PHPVideoToolkit::execute in libraries/phpvideotoolkit/phpvideotoolkit.php5.php
Commits all the commands and executes the ffmpeg procedure. This will also attempt to validate any outputted files in order to provide some level of stop and check system.
PHPVideoToolkit::prepareImagesForConversionToVideo in libraries/phpvideotoolkit/phpvideotoolkit.php5.php
Compiles an array of images into a video. This sets the input file (setInputFile) so you do not need to set it. The images should be a full absolute path to the actual image file. NOTE 1; This copies and renames all the supplied images into a…
PHPVideoToolkit::setOutput in libraries/phpvideotoolkit/phpvideotoolkit.php5.php
Sets the output.


libraries/phpvideotoolkit/phpvideotoolkit.php5.php, line 3598
Libary to access FFmpeg




public function unique($prefix = '') {
  return uniqid($prefix . time() . '-');