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protected function PHPVideoToolkit::_raiseError in Video 7.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7 libraries/phpvideotoolkit/phpvideotoolkit.php5.php \PHPVideoToolkit::_raiseError()

Raises an error

@access protected


string $message:

array $replacements a list of replacements in search=>replacement format:

Return value

boolean Only returns FALSE if $toolkit->on_error_die is set to FALSE

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libraries/phpvideotoolkit/phpvideotoolkit.php5.php, line 3477
Libary to access FFmpeg




protected function _raiseError($message, $replacements = FALSE) {
  $msg = 'PHPVideoToolkit error: ' . $this
    ->_getMessage($message, $replacements);

  //			check what the error is supposed to do
  if ($this->on_error_die === TRUE) {

    // <-			exits

  //			add the error message to the collection
  array_unshift($this->_errors, $msg);
  return FALSE;