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namespace Drupal\Tests\thunder\Traits in Thunder 6.2.x

Same name in other branches
  1. 8.5 Drupal\Tests\thunder\Traits
  2. 8.2 Drupal\Tests\thunder\Traits
  3. 8.3 Drupal\Tests\thunder\Traits
  4. 8.4 Drupal\Tests\thunder\Traits
  5. 6.0.x Drupal\Tests\thunder\Traits
  6. 6.1.x Drupal\Tests\thunder\Traits
Classsort descending Location Description
ThunderAwsTestFixtureTrait tests/src/Traits/ThunderAwsTestFixtureTrait.php Trait to download test fixtures from AWS.
ThunderTestTrait tests/src/Traits/ThunderTestTrait.php Use this trait to reuse an existing database.