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7 calls to salesforce_api_fieldmap_save() in Salesforce Suite 6.2

salesforce_api_fieldmap_clone in salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module
Clones a fieldmap.
salesforce_api_fieldmap_create in salesforce_api/
Creates a new fieldmap in the database and returns its index.
salesforce_api_fieldmap_edit_form_submit in salesforce_api/
FAPI submit handler for fieldmap editor
salesforce_api_fieldmap_field_delete in salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module
Remove a field from all fieldmaps. This is particularly useful for implementations of hook_content_fieldapi('delete instance'). May be use to delete an occurence in a single fieldmap (by supplying drupal_type and/or salesforce_type), or…
salesforce_api_fieldmap_remove_field in salesforce_api/
Given a fieldmap name and a field, remove the field from the fieldmap. Redirect to the fieldmap edit page unless specified.
salesforce_api_salesforce_field_map_save in salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module
salesforce_api_update_6202 in salesforce_api/salesforce_api.install
Try to fix existing maps based on the new cck support