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10 calls to relation_load() in Relation 7

MigrateDestinationRelation::import in relation_migrate/
Import a single relation.
RelationAPITestCase::testRelationDelete in tests/relation.test
Tests relation delete.
RelationAPITestCase::testRelationRevision in tests/relation.test
Tests relation revisions.
RelationFeedsProcessor::entityLoad in relation_feeds/
RelationRulesTestCase::testRelationCreateRelation in tests/relation.rules.test
Test to create a relation in different ways by executing a rule.
relation_entity_delete in ./relation.module
Implements hook_entity_delete().
relation_get_related_entity in ./relation.module
Returns a related entity.
relation_rules_fetch_endpoint in ./
Action callback fetching a given number of endpoint entities for a particular relation.
relation_save in ./relation.module
Saves a relation.
theme_relation_ui_admin_content in ./relation_ui.module
Generate a table of all relations on this site.