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11 calls to lingotek_get_profiles() in Lingotek Translation 7.5

lingotek_admin_profile_manage in ./
lingotek_entity_load in ./lingotek.module
Implements hook_entity_load().
lingotek_get_all_entities_by_profile in ./
lingotek_get_enabled_entities_by_type in ./
Get all entities enabled for Lingotek, by entity type
lingotek_get_profiles_by_name in ./lingotek.module
Return all profiles in an associative array, by name
lingotek_get_profile_options in ./lingotek.module
lingotek_get_profile_settings in ./lingotek.module
lingotek_grid_build_filters in ./
Builds the form elements for the filters.
lingotek_grid_get_rows in ./
Dynamic query processing function for the grid Since the header defines which columns are shown, this query gets all possible values and refines the header using the columns selected in the UI The filters are also processed here
lingotek_load_profile_defaults in ./
Gets the default profile info, mapped by entity type
lingotek_set_profile_settings in ./lingotek.module