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public static function Lingotek::isSupportedLanguage in Lingotek Translation 7.3

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7.7 lib/Drupal/lingotek/Lingotek.php \Lingotek::isSupportedLanguage()
  2. 7.4 lib/Drupal/lingotek/Lingotek.php \Lingotek::isSupportedLanguage()
  3. 7.5 lib/Drupal/lingotek/Lingotek.php \Lingotek::isSupportedLanguage()
  4. 7.6 lib/Drupal/lingotek/Lingotek.php \Lingotek::isSupportedLanguage()

Returns whether the given language is supported.

Return value

Boolean value.

4 calls to Lingotek::isSupportedLanguage()
lingotek_access in ./
Menu access callback.
lingotek_node_view in ./lingotek.module
Implements hook_node_view().
lingotek_pm in ./
Page callback for the Lingotek local task on node detail pages.
lingotek_upload_document in ./lingotek.module


lib/Drupal/lingotek/Lingotek.php, line 345
Defines Lingotek.


A utility class for Lingotek translation.


public static function isSupportedLanguage($drupal_language_code, $enabled = TRUE) {

  //($drupal_language_code != LANGUAGE_NONE)
  $supported = self::convertDrupal2Lingotek($drupal_language_code, $enabled) !== FALSE;
  if (!$supported) {
    LingotekLog::warning("Unsupported language detected: [@language]", array(
      '@language' => $drupal_language_code,
  return $supported;