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gdpr_tasks.permissions.yml in General Data Protection Regulation 8.2



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  1. view gdpr data summary:
  2. title: 'Access GDPR Data Summary'
  3. description: 'Allows users to access their data without staff involvement'
  4. create gdpr tasks:
  5. title: 'Create GDPR tasks'
  6. view gdpr tasks:
  7. title: 'View GDPR tasks'
  8. description: 'Allow a user to view completed tasks that they requested'
  9. #edit gdpr tasks:
  10. # title: 'Edit GDPR tasks'
  11. add task entities:
  12. title: 'Create new Task entities'
  13. administer task entities:
  14. title: 'Administer Task entities'
  15. description: 'Allow to access the administration form to configure Task entities.'
  16. restrict access: true
  17. delete task entities:
  18. title: 'Delete Task entities'
  19. description: 'Allows staff to delete GDPR tasks'
  20. edit task entities:
  21. title: 'Edit Task entities'
  22. description: 'Allows staff to edit GDPR tasks'
  23. view task entities:
  24. title: 'View Task entities'
  25. description: 'Allows staff to view the list of GDPR tasks'