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20 string references to 'encrypt' in Encrypt 7.3

decrypt in ./encrypt.module
Decrypt text.
EncryptConfigTest::setUp in ./encrypt.test
Enable encrypt module; create and log in privileged user.
EncryptEncryptDecryptTest::setUp in ./encrypt.test
Enable encrypt module.
EncryptEncryptionMethodPluginsTest::setUp in ./encrypt.test
Enable encrypt module.
EncryptPortability::setUp in ./encrypt.test
Sets up a Drupal site for running functional and integration tests.
encrypt_config_delete_confirm_submit in includes/
Submit handler for encrypt_config_delete_confirm.
encrypt_config_features_export in includes/
Implements hook_features_export().
encrypt_config_form in includes/
Form constructor for the configuration edit form.
encrypt_config_make_default in includes/
Menu callback to make a configuration the default.
encrypt_ctools_plugin_directory in ./encrypt.module
Implements hook_ctools_plugin_directory().
encrypt_features_api in ./encrypt.module
Implements hook_features_api().
encrypt_get_encryption_method in ./encrypt.module
Fetch metadata on a specific encryption method plugin.
encrypt_get_encryption_methods in ./encrypt.module
Returns information for all encryption methods.
encrypt_get_encrypt_drupal_variable_key in plugins/key_providers/
Callback function to return a variable.
encrypt_get_key_provider in ./encrypt.module
Fetch metadata on a specific key provider plugin.
encrypt_get_key_providers in ./encrypt.module
Returns info for all encryption key providers.
encrypt_save_config in ./encrypt.module
Save a configuration.
encrypt_test_ctools_plugin_directory in tests/encrypt_test.module
Implements hook_ctools_plugin_directory().
_encrypt_decrypt in includes/
Private internal function to Encrypt and Decrypt text.
_encrypt_encryption_methods_phpseclib in plugins/encryption_methods/
Callback for Encrypt implementation: phpseclib.