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8 calls to drupal_write_record() in Drupal 6

blogapi_metaweblog_new_media_object in modules/blogapi/blogapi.module
Blogging API callback. Inserts a file into Drupal.
contact_admin_edit_submit in modules/contact/
Process the contact category edit page form submission.
file_save_upload in includes/
Saves a file upload to a new location.
node_save in modules/node/node.module
Save a node object into the database.
taxonomy_save_term in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
Helper function for taxonomy_form_term_submit().
taxonomy_save_vocabulary in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
_block_rehash in modules/block/block.module
Update the 'blocks' DB table with the blocks currently exported by modules.
_node_save_revision in modules/node/node.module
Helper function to save a revision with the uid of the current user.