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function backup_file::extension in Backup and Migrate 6.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8.2 includes/ \backup_file::extension()
  2. 8.3 includes/ \backup_file::extension()
  3. 6.3 includes/ \backup_file::extension()
  4. 7.3 includes/ \backup_file::extension()
  5. 7.2 includes/ \backup_file::extension()

Get the file extension.

2 calls to backup_file::extension()
backup_file::filename in includes/
Get the final filename.
backup_file::temporary_file in includes/
Get a temporary file name with path.


includes/, line 195
General file handling code for Backup and Migrate.


A backup file which allows for saving to and reading from the server.


function extension() {
  return implode(".", $this->ext);