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function backup_migrate_destination::settings in Backup and Migrate 7.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8.2 includes/ \backup_migrate_destination::settings()
  2. 6.2 includes/ \backup_migrate_destination::settings()
5 calls to backup_migrate_destination::settings()
backup_migrate_destination_files::edit_form in includes/
Get the form for the settings for the files destination.
backup_migrate_destination_files::_save_file in includes/
File save destination callback.
backup_migrate_destination_nodesquirrel::edit_form in includes/
Get the form for the settings for this destination.
backup_migrate_destination_nodesquirrel::get_user_pass in includes/
Break the secret key into the public/private key (user/pass).
backup_migrate_destination_s3::get_subdir in includes/
Get the bucket which is the first part of the path.


includes/, line 592


A base class for creating destinations.


function settings($key = NULL) {
  $out = $this->settings;
  if ($key) {
    $out = isset($out[$key]) ? $out[$key] : NULL;
  return $out;